Spoiler Nano Machine 104 RAW Manhwa And Release Date

Triknesia – Spoiler Nano Machine 104 RAW Manhwa And Release Date, If you look back, there are actually a lot of interesting novels to read and can easily be found on the internet other than this nano machine comic. Lately the title Nano Machine 104 is very much sought after.

In the story of nano machine chapter 104, the black dragon ball was created by a man named Baek Yu. Who was actually a member of the Poison Clan. Baek Yu is an expert in poison and medicine.

When he first made black in the novel nano machine 104, he experienced many trials and errors. He even tried hard to find the right number of people, regardless of who it was, to be able to absorb the same amount of energy through the ball.

The black ball that is a mystery in the novel nano machine 104 that has been created so many trials refined to the point that it will not damage people.

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He doesn’t care about evidence anymore. With every emotion and thought going to Chun Yeowun, Mu Jinwon wanted to tear Chun Yeowun right at this moment. Left Guardian Lee Hameng and Right Guardian Submeng quickly stood up against Mu Jinwon, and Grand Guardian Marakim stood in front of the master. Hameng took out a red Flame Sword and aimed at Mu Jinwon. Submeng also took out his Crazy Blade. The only people who were allowed to wield weapons in the Great Hall were the three guards and the Lord.

“Retreat, first elder.”

“You have to act before God.”

Hameng and Submeng warned, but Mu Jinwon did not back down and spoke in an angry voice.

“Did you think I wouldn’t recognize your plan?”

He spoke to Chun Yeowun, who was behind the guard. Mu Jinwon glared at Yeowun, who was kneeling on one knee. Chun Yeowun then turned to the left and saw the first elder in his seat.


The First Elder’s eyes shook with anger the moment he met Yeowun. Yeowun didn’t make any expression, but his eyes looked as if he was mocking, glaring at Mu Jinwon. Mu Jinwon exploded with anger and tried to get up.


God warned threateningly. It was simple, and the voice was low but the energy used in the voice was groundless and suppressed Mu Jinwon.


Mu Jinwon then snapped out of his rage and realized that he was inside the Great Hall. He could do nothing further without angering God. Mu Jinwon brought back his aura and bowed to God and shouted.

“I have done a great mistake to Almighty God. Please forgive my stupidity. ”

He then started banging his head on the ground. And when he started pounding a few times, so that blood began to flow in his head, Chun Yujong picked up the energy that was suppressing Mu Jinwon. Mu Jinwon’s face was covered in blood. Chun Yujong looked at Mu Jinwon coldly and ordered him to stop.

“Go back to your seat.”

“Thank God, for your eternal grace.”

Mu Jinwon bowed again and retreated to his seat. Lee Hameng then returned his sword and the two guards turned towards God again. Mu Jinwon wiped his face with his clothes and glared at Chun Yeowun.

“I will find out everything and tear you apart with my own hands.”

If he got angry and killed Chun Yeowun here, it would work against him too. He had already lost half of his family, so he couldn’t lose anymore. It was then that Mu Jinwon heard an unexpected telepathic message come through his ears.

[First Elder. What you suspect is true. It wasn’t the Poison clan. That’s me.]

It was Chun Yeowun. It was a direct provocation. When Mu Jinwon looked at Yeowun with trembling eyes, he looked at Yeowun with an evil smile. Mu Jinwon’s emotions that he barely controlled, snapped.

“Aaaaaaaaargh! I will kill you!!!”

Mu Jinwon was then charged and ran to Chun Yeowun.


Lee Hameng turned around and quickly told Mu Jinwon to stop, but Mu Jinwon’s strength was one level higher.

“Don’t get in my way!”

Mu Jinwon’s left hand used the Wisdom Hand formation and pushed Lee Hameng back into the pillar. Mu Jinwon was at the late stage of superior master level, and Mu Jinwon was also stronger in formation strength.

“Damn it!”

Lee Hameng cursed as he got up from the ground and tried to attack again, but Mu Jinwon’s blue power holding onto the qi finger had already hit Chun Yeowun. He used the most powerful formation in the True Demon Sword.

As Yin Moha said, Mu Jinwon knew the Demon Sword well too. Mu Jinwon realized that Chun Yeowun was at the same level of strength as he saw, so that was why he used the best attack skills he had.

“I-this is an amazing formation!”

‘Since when did Elder Mu learn such a powerful sword skill?’

Everyone was shocked by Mu Jinwon’s use of powerful sword skills. God was also very surprised. He didn’t think Mu Jinwon had hidden a secret sword skill that was nearly as powerful as the Heavenly Demon Sword Art.

‘Is it really the True Demon Sword?’

Yin Moha also frowned in surprise. The True Demon Sword formation used by the strongest warrior of the cult was much more powerful than it should have been.


The powerful sword formation released Yeowun.

“He’s strong.”

Yeowun narrowed his eyes as he faced the strongest sword formation he saw. Yeowun’s finger shone with a blue qi style. In order to fight the True Demon Sword that perfected Mu Jinwon’s way, it was better to use the Twenty Four Demon Sword, which was a higher version. With Yeowun’s finger moving forward, two powerful warrior qi powers collided.

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