Spoiler Nano Machine 102 And RAW Scans Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – There are only a few days to go before Nano Machine Chapter 102 gets published online. The next chapter, Yeo Woon will most probably climb the mountain to meet the masked man.

Cheon Yeo Woon finally obtained all the approvals required to run for the Lord’s seat. However, before he can embark on his quest it is necessary to unravel the mystery surrounding the unknown man first.

Yin Moha will be heading to the mountain after the time allotted to him is over however, the next time Yeo Woon will be accompanying his. The man in the mask certainly seems suspicious as he is familiar with the secret skill of the demon with a sword.

When Yeo Woon finds out about the identity of the man who is anonymous What is his plan in the future?

Nano Machine 102 English Chapter will feature Yin Moha, Yeo Woon and a few of their subordinates making their way towards the mountain of five wisdom. The two elders of the clan are already there.

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There’s a high chance that a fight could take place among the three elders about who will get the demon’s twenty-four swordsmanship.

Nano Machine Chapter 102 Raw Scans

The manhwa isn’t taking a break over the past few months, so an upcoming break is scheduled shortly so that the writer can have a break.

We don’t know exactly when this break will happen. Therefore, let’s be patient and wait.

Nano Machine 102 raw scans will be the first to be published , and we anticipate to announce it around the 21st of April, 2022 and available for reading at Naver’s official website. Naver site.

To allow publication of the English chapters to appear, scans must be subject to the redrawing as well as translation process. It can take up to up to 24 hours.

Nano Machine release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 102 Nano Machine Chapter 102 English scans will be available on April 22 2022. The manhwa isn’t serialized in English at this time, therefore there isn’t an officially licensed English publisher.

Yeo Woon Vs Anonymous

Author has hinted of a battle in the midst of Yeo Woon and the mysterious mask-wearing man.

Since the last five or more years, Yang Moha has been doing to master the fundamentals of the sword demon art taught to her by an unknown person on the mountain of five wisdom to prove she is the right successor.

Two elders were selected to be the judges and Yin Moha didn’t agree with the decision.

In the opinion of Yin Moha, the rest two elders do not merit the privilege of inheriting the knowledge from the demon who swung swords. The only person who is who is worthy and should learn the twenty-four sword demon technique.

The mysterious masked man provided all three the opportunity to test who was the best however, all three had a similar level of skill. So, no winner was picked each time they came up.

However, this time Yin Moha is convinced that it will be different as she already has mastered the sword art with him. Yeo Woon will be accompanying her on the mountain.

Nano Machine Chapter Raw scans from 102 will likely reveal the identity of the masked man. Are they part of the demonic cult, or is he an enemy of outside?

If you’re worried about the next chapter being spoiler-free We know the unidentified person’s identity.

He is Marakyum, the mighty guardian of the clan of demonic demons. He was given the task of choosing an heir and transmitting his sword-making skills.

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