Spoiler Kingdom Manga 719 Manga RAW And Release Date

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Spoiler Kingdom Manga 719 Manga RAW And Release Date 1

What’s going on on the right side?
Ever since Shin dumped the right sect, the left Zhao is heavily assaulting the right side of the Kanki army. Marron is spooked by the innumerous swells of the Zhao colors.

Still, Kanki isn’t flustered. He has faith in the general of the north. And he asks them to live up to his prospects.

With great morale, the Northern General started to cover Kanki. Still, due to the equivalency in morale, what came to matter were the troop figures. And since Zhao outnumbers the Qin forces, the Kanki army is still in a lot of trouble. Kingdom 719 will show if there’s commodity further than Kanki can do.

What’s over with the left side?
The Mouten army is glad about the Hi Shin Unit. With the fresh help, their job has come easier. Kyoukai helps them with her colors. And Shin asks his units to help as well.

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Shin knows veritably well that Kanki can handle himself. And therefore, he and Mouten must make a advance. Else this war ca n’t be won.

The dyads of Aisen and Kyoukai, Naki and Rikusen work well. The community between Hi Shin Unit and Gakuka is felt by all.

Since their two generals have known each other since their 300- man leader days, the relationship is veritably positive. We anticipate to see some major progress in Kingdom Manga 719.

Kingdom Manga 718 Recap

In Kingdom Chapter 718, we saw

  • the response panels of everyone involved in the war;
  • As soon as Shin went to the left side of the army, Riboku decided that he was going to attack Kanki in the middle;
  • Still, he also knew that Kanki was clever enough to deal with the peril each by himself;
  • Mouten was surprised to see that Shin’s main thing was to win the war rather than to save as numerous lives as he could;
  • Shin explained his plan to the colors;
  • And so, the Gakuka army, the men of Hinshin, and the Naki army joined hands with one another;
  • Subsequently, the clash opened between the Qin Northeastern army and the right front of the Zhao;
  • The chapter ended with Shin getting surprised by the appearance of the Saika hand in their troop.

What will be now?

Zhao is no pushover. They see the force of Shin and Mouten. While Riboku is n’t bothered at each, he does assign the two Seika generals to take out Shin and Mouten.

So in Kingdom Chapter 719, we will see these inconceivable forces collide. Who’ll come out on top? Can Shin and Mouten advance with their figures disadvantage? We’ll see.

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