Spoiler Boarding Diary Chapter 92 Manhwa RAW And Release Date

Triknesia – Jun Woo and Mikyung’s holiday has come to an end and starting Boarding Diary Chapter 92, we will most presumably see them return home.

Around the end of the chapter, we saw a bit of sadness in Mikyung’s eyes, and it’s most presumably because of them leaving the coming day, or allowing back to Jun Woo’s print with Seohyun.
Mikyung might be spooked that formerly Jun Woo returns home, he’ll most presumably forget about her since she’s an old lady and start hanging out with Seohyun or Minji.

This fear inside Mikyung is substantially because of her old age and since she has been single for a long period of time, she’s spooked of losing Jun Woo. Is this fear of Jun Woo legal or unwarranted?
The coming Boarding Diary 92 English Chapter will show them return home and meet with the family.

Boarding Diary Chapter 92 Raw Reviews

Will this love between Mikyung and Jun Woo continue once they get back home?

A new bow is going to be introduced soon where Jun Woo gets acquainted with Minji next. Who differently wants to see them together?
Boarding Diary 92 raw reviews are going to be published this week on 18th May 2022. Since these get released in Korean, the reviews need to be restated first.

boarding diary RAW

The redrawing and restatement process takes 18-24 hours at most and only also the English chapters are out to read online. The English chapter is published the day after Boarding Diary raw reviews.
We anticipate Boarding Diary Chapter 92 English reviews to be out around 19th May 2022 and can be plant online on the Toptoon functionary website.

Spoiler Boarding Diary 92

Mikyung’s Fear
The fear on Mikyung’s face was veritably clear. Once Jun Woo asks Mikyung for a print together, fear appeared on her face. What could this fear be about?

As we mentioned before, this fear could be because of two effects. Originally, Mikyung might be allowing about her last night together with Jun Woo on this holiday and their time together will soon be coming to an end.
Mikyung has been a lonely single mama for the longest period of time, and she considers herself to be an old lady who isn’t veritably beautiful. In short, she’s tone-conscious.

She appertained to her as an Ahjumma multiple times last chapter, this easily indicates that she’s spooked that she’ll lose Jun Woo to someone veritably beautiful and youngish.
But according to Jun Woo, he loves only Mikyung. But we all know that isn’t entirely true. He has been spending time with Sunbin Lee and Seohyun and holds them close to his heart as well.

But what if this fear isn’t only because of her age, what if she’s upset about Jun Woo’s relationship with Seohyun? Everything will be cleared coming chapter.

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