SEO Last Month January | What's New In SEO


SEO Last Month January | What’s New In SEO

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Google acknowledged local search update: 00:46
GMB telephone support closed down: 02:26
New Google Search Console messages: 04:01
Early Adopter Program For Shipping/Transport Companies: 04:19
Update In search quality raters guidelines: 05:04
BERT update launched worldwide: 05:44
Google News Publisher Platform: 06:50
Google Acknowledged discover traffic reporting issue in Google Search Console: 07:22
Search by image in Microsoft Windows: 07:45
Google improved the indexed report in Google Search Console: 08:45

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Google My Business Forum:

Google My Business Facebook Page:

Google My Business Twitter Page:

Early Adopter Program For Shipping Companies:

Updated search quality raters document:
Google News Publisher portal:
Windows launches search by image:

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