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Triknesia, Manhwa – Read Queen Bee Chapter 234, Manhwa RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Queen Bee Manhwa Info
Also Known By Names Queen Bee( Andrew); The Landlord’s Little Girl; 집주인 딸내미
kidney Drama, Romance, Action, School Life
Author HwalHwaSan
Artists Andrew
Release Year 2018
Status Ongoing
Chapters 233 in Raw and 233 Eng. restated
Standing9.1/ 10 By121.1 k Genius

About Queen Bee English Manhwa

Manhwa Queen Bee is a complex story, Story starts with the boy who lives in a rented house downward the landlord living on the third bottom.


LandlordMr. Yoo just Lost his woman
and he’s always sad about that.

the occupant isn’t too good as the briefing of the house is done in the manga they said it’s a small house with thin walls and no soundproofing.

While the Landlord’s Actions remind him of the Story about 1900’s settlers Workers of Sugar Cane Field which his schoolteacher told them formerly in School

The way workers were treated sounded the same that how landlord treated their residers.

The landlord has a son named Darla Yoo who’s a friend of the main character since nonage.

He briefed the parallels between the landlord and the Sugar can cultivate proprietor to Darla to confirm.

But we all know she’s his son so still admired him no matter she’s a friend of mine she’s always in favor of her father.

Not to mention the main character’s name is Junie Ahn.

While Darla Seems to be Family to Junie Ahn but as he’s poor and she’s rich she has musketeers and respect to make among them so they All treated him like nothing.

Darla’s Boyfriend Tae Ha is the one who hates the Poor most. According to him, it’s a crime. She also treats Junie Ahn poorly in front of Tae Ha to keep her value among them.

The story starts with Two crazy suckers of the reader talking about their Addict solicitations to meet their hero.

latterly on, they went in hunt of her third friend Janae.

Ye- Chan and Yoo- Young had done great work in the Music videotape

Janie Ahn( Main Character of Webtoon Queen Bee Webtoon) got good to academy in Seoul. He secured the alternate position so he got a education too.

Their current family circumstances would be delicate to pay his academy figure but as he managed to secure alternate place he got a education to manage that.

On the Other hand group of three musketeers who used to be the hero and utmost suckers followed the songster before.

Managing expenditure each alone by Si- Hoon was too delicate for a Music musician.

The story will feature the forthcoming struggle of both of them and how hard they work to overcome the Expenditure.

As Janie Ahn’s Family conditions aren’t too great so her mama used to work till late to overcome the diurnal Expenditure

The webtoon Queen Bee has come too far with over further than 200 Chapters and it still gives the same Entertaining Vibe among the compendiums of manhwa.

The manhwa after these all times is still managing to secure his place on the Top Manhwa List.

Queen Bee Manhwa is also known as( AKA) “ Queen Bee( Andrew); The Landlord’s Little Girl; 집주인 딸내미 ”. This ongoing webtoon was released on 2018. The story was written by HwalHwaSan and illustrations by Andrew. Queen Bee webtoon is about Action, Drama, and School Life stories.

The webtoon is going to be fantastic, with numerous ups and campo in Janie Ahn’s life.

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