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Triknesia Manhwa – Read Kill The Hero Chapter 104 English Manhwa, Kill the Hero (킬더히어로, Kildeohieoro) is the story about Kim Woo-Jins revenge on his former guildmates. He was betrayed by his most trusted friend and after killed by him. Having returned to the past Kim Woo-Jin decides to get his revenge on them.

In a game-like world where dungeons, monsters, and players appear.

In that world, only I knew the truth.

“Let’s save the world together. Let’s put an end to this game.”

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The secret that the man who’s idolized as the “Messiah who will save the world” is actually trying to rule it as its emperor.

Only I, who experienced his betrayal. I, who was murdered by him and returned to the past, knows the truth.

Kill The Hero Chapter 104 English

kill the hero 104

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