Standard Google COVID-19 Searches, One 12 months into the Pandemic

Popular Google COVID-19 Searches, One Year into the Pandemic

In 2020, queries beginning with the phrase ‘why’ was searched greater than ever earlier than.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to know what our viewers is looking for, the intent behind that search and the way we will present the reply.

Here’s a snapshot of the preferred U.S.-based coronavirus-related search phrases between January 2020 and June 2020:

Coronavirus queries

One yr into the pandemic, what are folks looking for now?


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We turned to Google Developments to search out out.

COVID-19 Searches: From Anticipated to Stunning

5. Coronavirus Strains

COVID strain queries

OK, this one was anticipated, particularly with the impression new strains are having on the world and the questions raised about how efficient vaccines can be towards these new variants.


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4. Vaccines

Vaccine searches

One other time period that was anticipated to begin trending.

Curiosity in vaccine-related phrases could also be at an all-time excessive throughout the globe, however that doesn’t imply the identical questions are being requested.

Searches for ‘vaccines close to me’ have been 5 instances extra frequent for the reason that begin of the yr; nonetheless, questions are being requested now that you almost certainly wouldn’t have recognized the reply to in the beginning of the yr:

Vaccine queries

3. Fever

COVID symptom queries

Now, this one is attention-grabbing.


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Everyone knows the signs of COVID-19 by coronary heart by now, however whenever you check out what signs have been looked for over the previous 4 months, you understand that one symptom is way extra prevalent than the others.

Fever and sore throats are probably the most generally searched signs over the previous 4 months, which I anticipated throughout colder months the place flu and colds are rife.

Fever / sore throat queries

Apparently, although, whenever you have a look at the 2 phrases over a significantly longer time frame, it turns into clear that curiosity is spiked as a result of COVID-19 considerations.


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2. Sanitizer

Sanitizer queries

Maybe probably the most attention-grabbing facet of this pattern is that it has vastly dropped since March.

The necessity for sanitizer should be the identical because it was in the beginning of the pandemic, but it seems to have flat-lined in relation to searches.


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1. COVID and Hiccups

COVID and queries

We saved this one till final as a result of it truly is weird. Whereas this graph reveals the pattern for the time period ‘COVID and’, searches for ‘COVID and hiccups’ holds a rating of 100 with associated phrases being:

  • Are hiccups an indication of COVID? – rating of 44
  • Hiccups symptom of COVID – rating of 44
  • Is hiccups an indication of COVID? – rating of 17

Whether or not you might be utilizing COVID-19-related phrases as a part of your advertising and marketing technique, wish to predict what subjects can be of curiosity within the close to future, or just wish to be taught transferable classes from the pandemic, it’s value remembering that probably the most fascinating subjects are sometimes these we will’t predict.


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