Original Eye of Faith ROG Strix GT15, Wanna Try ?

Triknesia.com – In pursuit of high-efficiency typing or editing work, desktop computers are still more efficient than notebook computers. When most people think of buying a desktop computer, they will build a computer in their brains, but building a computer requires buyers to have a certain degree of understanding of computer DIY.

Even if you are just a fake hand, you can find a brain shop to assemble it. If you do not know the mutual cooperation of hardware, for example, you do not know how many power supplies to match, and whether the matching of the chassis and radiator provides enough cooling conditions, There are also RGB light strips for decoration. If you don’t want to be bothered, you might as well consider the ROG Strix GT15 original desktop computer, which can be used immediately after purchase.

Full Spesification ROG Strix GT15 Featured

The original ASUS Eye of Faith ROG Strix GT15 is a newly designed desktop gaming computer this year. It uses a 29-liter mid-sized chassis and uses ASUS’s Intel B660 chipset M-ATX motherboard. The entire line is equipped with Intel’s latest 12th generation Core i7-12700KF processing.

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The device has no frequency lock function, which can be used to achieve high performance through motherboard overclocking settings. Built-in 12 cores with a total of 20 threads, the highest clock is 4.9GHz. Others come standard with 16GB DDR4 (16GB x 1) memory, plus 3 DIMM sockets for future upgrades; others include standard 1TB M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD, built-in Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit Ethernet, and 700W 80+ Bronze series power supply.

Optional RTX graphics card and hard drive

The user-selectable option comes with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, and an additional 2TB SATA 7200rpm hard drive. The minimum graphics card is an RTX3060 12GB DDR6 graphics card, which is enough for FHD or 2K resolution games. Users can also choose the RTX3070 8GB DDR6 graphics card, depending on whether the user pursues high-resolution gaming. Prices range from HK$15,998 to HK$19,998.

Ultra-quiet cooling design

The original ROG Strix GT15 is designed with an overall package in mind. The slim body has been considered for balanced heat dissipation. The processor uses ASUS’s 105W air-cooled radiator to form a completely unobstructed heat dissipation channel with the chassis.

 ROG Strix GT15

DIY commonly used Intel cooling fans are 15% higher. The power supply has an independent air-cooled heat dissipation channel, and all the wires are completely stored, which will not cause wind resistance and is beautiful. The overall heat dissipation wind noise can be controlled within 40dBA, which is about the same as the average noise in the library. It takes a lot of thought for the masonry machine to achieve such a complete consideration.

Aura lighting decoration inside and outside

In terms of decoration, the ROG Strix GT15 chassis is equipped with EMI glass on both sides, which can see through the spare part of the chassis and prevent electromagnetic waves from leaking out, just like using an all-metal chassis. There are ASUS Aura Sync lighting on the front panel and inside of the chassis, which can provide 16 million color changes and 8 effect changes. Users can set the color changes by themselves through the computer software, or they can use it with Aura-supported gaming peripherals to create a A stylish entertainment environment.

The ROG Strix GT15 chassis has handles for easy handling, as well as a hidden gaming headset mount. There are USB-A and USB-C plugs on the front panel for easy plugging in different peripherals and mobile devices. The machine already has the original ROG gaming keyboard and mouse, as well as the pre-installed genuine Windows 11 Home system.

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