June “Government” Algo Update, Bing's Guidelines and SEO Q&A – Search News Podcast – July 8 2020


In this episode of the Search News You Can Use Podcast, Marie Haynes discusses:

Detailed discussion on the June 22/23 “government” update
The Rich Results tool is replacing the Structured data testing tool (and SEOs are not happy about it)
Clarification from Google on what happens when you file a spam report
We learned a LOT from Bing’s updated webmaster guidelines
Google may be making more changes to affect sites with self serving reviews
Gary Illyes robots.txt question. Here is why so many SEOs answered incorrectly
Difference between discovered, not indexed and crawled, not indexed
John Mueller comments on a site’s link building practices
Insight into Google’s algorithms
Can Google recognize page types based off of page structure?
How does Google use structured data?
What does it mean if Discover traffic has stopped?
Can Googlebot really add products to shopping carts? (Along with a tinfoil hat theory)
Does it matter which inner page your GMB links to?
Q&A: Do GMB posts help with EAT?
Q&A: Is updating your last updated date without updating the content frowned upon by Google?

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