How to Make a WordPress Website | 2020 Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners!


Learn How to Make an AMAZING WordPress Website in 2020 with this easy STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL for Beginners!

Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting (note – I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll earn a discount when you use this link):

Website Template (Elementor):

Follow Along Images:


Step #1 Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting 2:57
Step #2 Install WordPress 8:57
Step #3 Activate a New Theme 13:05
Step #4 Activate Plugins 14:27
Step #5 Customize Your Website 16:33
Step #6 Create a New Contact Form 59:15
Step #7 Customize Your Header 1:08:43
How to Make a FREE Logo 1:09:42
Step #8 Create a New Page 1:26:30
Step #9 Create a Blog Post 1:28:57
Step #10 Edit For Mobile and Tablet 1:32:17
Step #11 Publish Your Website! 1:35:56



What is Web Hosting:

What is a Domain Name:

How to Secure Your Website From Hackers:

How to Get a Professional Email:

How to Backup Your Website:

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