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In this videos I’m going to show you How to Get more traffic from google web stories WordPress plugin

Google released a beta WordPress Plugin that empowers publishers to make the most Google’s commonly new Web Stories.

Web Stories is an method to rank at the top of Google search, Google images, Discover, and Google App.

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Google introduced a WordPress plugin to assist publishers increasing more visitors through the Web Story position. The WordPress plugin and the Web Story program are each in beta.

A very last version of the Web Story WordPress plugin will be released later this mid year, 2020. The current version of the plugin is missing animation and web page attachment support. The final version will comprise all capabilities and be smoother than the beta version.Related : 9 best AMP WordPress plugin for Speed, Search and Tracking.

▶️ What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is content that is supposed to be consumed in small chunks.
Each page of a Web Story carries a most of 10 words. The suggested size of a Web Story is somewhere in the range of four and 30 pages.
Publishers can adapt Web Stories with affiliate links, Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 (Beta).

Web Stories are supposed to be consumed by portable clients who need to expend content initially. Google depicts the common substance buyer as somebody on a tram or eating. Google Web Stories is open source and free.

▶️Benefits of Google Web Story

Publishers are embracing the net story format because it could be featured in an attractive way for portable clients. Web Stories speaks to another approach to get a lot of traffic.
I as of late began seeing Web Stories on Google News and on the Google App. They are intuitive and stand out to themselves.

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