Google Search News (Sept '19) – changes in GSC, nofollow links, new meta tags, and more


Welcome to the very first episode of Google Search News, a news show for webmasters, publishers, and SEOs! Join us every few weeks for updates on what’s going on around Google Search. In this episode, John Mueller covers:

– recent updates to Google Search Console (0:39)
– change in the Webmaster office hours setup (1:20)
– revamp and expansion of the nofollow links (2:08)
– making review rich results more helpful (3:09)
– new meta tags (3:49)
– Webmaster conferences worldwide (4:40)

Documentation mentioned in this episode of Google Search News:
– Google Search Console →
– Goodbye old Search Console →
– YouTube community page →
– Webmaster event calendar →
– Qualifying outbound links →
– Evolving nofollow →
– Making review rich results more helpful →
– Robots meta tags & data-nosnippet developer documentation →
– Webmaster FAQ on new controls →
– List of upcoming events →

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