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– This week in search we saw another unconfirmed Google algorithm update around January 15th. We also looked at the competitive drug rehab SEO space and how Google reacts to it. Google may be getting ready to penalize some Google News publishers or maybe not? Google fixed the hack with the knowledge panel. Google also fixed the issue with editing local businesses future open dates. Google added a boat load of features to the URL inspection tool but it is missing 301 response codes and probably will replace the fetch as Google. Google seems to have stopped testing the Domain Property feature in Search Console. Google has no way to allow publishers to get their app URLs to come before their AMP URLs. Google showed us what the EU search results can look like if the EU passes certain laws and it isn’t pretty. Google’s nofollow link attribute goals failed. Google is incentivizing ad partners to use their automation features. Google’s John Mueller will be hosting two small events in NYC next week. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Chatter January 15th :
Unstable Drug Rehab Google Search Results :
Is Google Getting Ready To Punish Google News Publishers In Violation? :
Google Fixed The Knowledge Panel Hack :
Google Patches The Open Date Google Local Edits Hack :
Google Spammers Using Open Date Edits To Hurt Local Businesses :
Google URL Inspection Tool Adds HTTP Response, Resources, JS Logs & Screenshots :
Google URL Inspection Tool Doesn’t Handle Redirect HTTP Response Code :
Google May Replace The Fetch As Google With URL Inspection Tool :
Google Search Console Stops Testing Domain Property? :
SEOs Cannot Ask Google To List Their App URLs Over AMP URLs In Mobile :
Google Tests Ghost Town Like Search Results For The EU :
Google’s Nofollow Link Attribute Didn’t Help Improve Blog Comments; Sorry :
Google Incentivizing Ad Partners To Use Automation :
Google’s John Mueller To Host Small Hangout & Meetup At Google NYC :

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