Google: Duplicate Content material is Not a Detrimental Rating Issue

Google: Duplicate Content is Not a Negative Ranking Factor

Google’s John Mueller clarifies a false impression about duplicate content material, saying it’s not a adverse search rating issue.

Having the identical content material repeated throughout a number of pages will not be one thing that will trigger a web site to rank decrease in search outcomes.

Mueller says it’s regular for websites to have a specific amount of duplicate content material. Google’s algorithms are constructed to deal with it.

He touched on this matter final week, however it’s introduced up once more throughout this week’s Google Search Central search engine optimisation office-hours.

Duplicate content material is a subject that often comes up amongst SEOs, and it’s one thing many practitioners verify for when auditing a web site.

Does it influence search rankings? If sure – to what diploma?

That’s what Davor Bobek, Supervisor at Blue Glacier, asks Mueller throughout this week’s office-hours.


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Bobek owns a web site about automotive elements the place descriptions of elements are repeated in a number of locations. He needs to know if there shall be a adverse influence in search outcomes.

See Mueller’s response beneath.

Google’s John Mueller on Duplicate Content material

Mueller clears up the misunderstanding of duplicate content material, saying it’s not one thing that has a adverse rating rating related to it.

If total items of content material on a web site are duplicated then Google will rank one and never present the opposite. A number of copies of the identical web page doesn’t ship adverse rating alerts.

Duplicate pages can bloat a web site and eat up crawl price range, however that’s a complete different matter which isn’t mentioned on this video.


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If sections of content material are repeated all through a web site, akin to content material within the header or footer, Mueller confirms it won’t ship adverse rating alerts both.

“With that form of duplicate content material it’s not a lot that there’s a adverse rating related to it. It’s extra that, if we discover precisely the identical info on a number of pages on the internet, and somebody searches particularly for that piece of data, then we’ll attempt to discover one of the best matching web page.

So when you’ve got the identical content material on a number of pages then we received’t present all of those pages. We’ll attempt to choose one among them and present that. So it’s not that there’s any adverse sign related to that. In a whole lot of instances that’s form of regular that you’ve got some quantity of shared content material throughout a few of the pages.”

As an example how regular duplicate content material might be, Mueller goes on to present examples that folks run into on a regular basis.

On-line procuring is a vertical the place content material is repeated in every single place. It’s widespread for retailers to promote the identical product, and the product pages seemingly share a considerable amount of the identical content material.

Google isn’t going to interpret adverse alerts from crawling a product description that seems elsewhere on one other retailer’s web site.

Web site footers technically qualify as duplicate content material, Mueller says, however that’s not an issue in relation to search rankings both.

“A very widespread case for instance is with ecommerce. When you have a product, and another person is promoting the identical product, or inside a web site perhaps you’ve gotten a footer that you just share throughout all your pages and typically that’s a reasonably large footer. Technically that’s duplicate content material however we will form of cope with that. In order that shouldn’t be an issue.”


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Hear the complete dialogue within the video beneath:

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