So here are five basic but extremely effective tips for our tank mains out there in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

1. Always check the bush when your carry is clearing minion waves.

Here is an example.
Harith and I are about to go mid.
I won’t help him with the minions but I will check the bush for any enemy heroes.

By doing so, he can safely clear the minion wave with no worries.
It’s a basic move but can be extremely helpful in case enemies are waiting for a gank.
Some of the tanks that I encounter will just attack the minions without checking the bush first.

2. You can leave your teammate when they are about to kill the creeps.

You don’t have to help until the jungle creep is dead unless one of you is low on health.
You can leave them when it’s about to die to give them map vision just like this.

They will receive some damage but remember they will gain HP after killing creeps.
And besides, your exp and gold is not affected because you are using a roam item.

3. Move in advance when your teammate is trying to destroy a tower.

So here is Clint trying to take down the tower.
I’ll move here to stop the enemies from defending while my carry can safely clear the tower.
This way I can see any incoming enemies that will try to defend.
I can help destroy the tower but I don’t think my small damage can make a big difference.

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