Digital Marketing News 2-7-2020: Does Your SEO Speak Gen Z?


Watch this week’s TopRank Marketing digital marketing news with Joshua Nite (@NiteWrites):

This episode: Research on Gen Z search patterns, CMO priorities, and video marketing. Plus, Facebook stalls while LinkedIn rises.

• Generational differences in how people search was the subject of a recently-released report of interest to digital marketers, showing that Gen Z is the most likely to use “how to,” “best,” and to include a year in their search queries.

• Facebook reported its slowest fourth-quarter revenue growth ever, at 25 percent — the fourth straight quarter below 30 percent — and highlighted a rise in quarterly expenses that doubled analyst expectations, among other revelations.

• Microsoft’s latest quarterly report revealed that its LinkedIn professional social network had for the first time topped 675 million members, also showing strong session growth of 25 percent, and revenue that grew by 24 percent during the second quarter of fiscal year 2020.

• New report data about leading e-commerce traffic sources and which types of paid and organic efforts are seeing the highest conversion rates has been released, showing that search tops the list, while social has surpassed email, the report notes.

• Content marketing tops the list of most important digital media channels top CMOs have invested in, at 86 percent, ahead of digital display ads at 64 percent, and general search optimization and paid search, each at 59 percent, according to newly-released survey data, also showing that 79 percent expect content-led marketing campaigns to grow in the next two years.

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