Breaking SEO News – Bing is Caching AMP (SEARCH MARKETING SCOOP 17)


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This week David Bain welcomes 2 guests:
– The Head of Evangelism for Search at Microsoft, Christi Olson
– A writer of all things search for TheSEMpost, Jennifer Slegg

== STORY 1: 01:15

** Bing Ads add a competition tab **

On Monday, Bing Ads announced
3 new AI-driven features – including a competition tab,
where you can keep track of how you are performing,
versus the competitors.

What’s this one about?

What does this mean for paid search marketers?

== STORY 2: 06:05

** Google are testing image-based sub-categorisation **

What’s this one all about?

Why are Google doing this?

Is this likely to be rolled-out for different industries?

Is this something that SEOs can leverage?

== STORY 3: 13:59

** Bing has added text transcription to its image analysis capabilities **

Have you seen Bing’s image search recently dear listener?

I haven’t been on there for a while…
I’m impressed by:
– Pages using this image
– Related images
How can organic digital marketers take advantage of image search?

== STORY 4: 18:45

** Is the targeting of paid search marketing moving from away keywords to audiences? **

There are plenty of articles around at the moment that talk about shifting from keywords to audiences with your targeting. Is this really a good thing for most paid search marketers to be doing at the moment?

What is causing this?

BONUS BREAKING NEWS: 25:54 – Bing is Caching AMP

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