Read A Wonderful New World Chapter 155, Manhwa RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

A Wonderful New World RAW

Manhwa, Triknesia – Read A Wonderful New World Chapter 155, Manhwa RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, A awful New World Webtoon Synopsis
H0- Seung( Main Character of Webtoon A awful New World Webtoon) is an unpopular worker who works for one of the largest pots in Korea.

He’s not important good and done in the field to get a great capsule.

For Ho- Seung any job is the stylish job because he’d tried a lot to get paid but low Qualifications are the Major Reason for his redundancy.

But fortunately, he was picked for a Government Supported Program, Which seems to him to be a life- changing occasion.

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Lee Ho- sung gets Employed to work in the Head diggings in his own Personnel Department in the biggest Company named The Universal Group. It was a phenomenon for him until he went wrong.

While Joining the Company his main focus was on his work and what he’s supposed to do.

A Wonderful New World Spoiler

But after a time in this job he’s not been saluted by someone nothing cares about no bone
in this job. He has zero musketeers and his character in the company isn’t too great.

The reason behind All this was because the company is too estimable and the workers do their stylish to get jobs

But Lee Ho- Sung gets this occasion because of his family connections which are obviously not respectable to others.

But as in Every story character has one good friend but in this story, the main character’s musketeers are just images, and not to forget he used to get saluted back from Downstairs Lady Yu Sook- Yeong

Not to forget they apropos met they had a little talk which was too saddening for him.

On the other hand, Lee Ho- sung wasn’t a rich joe he has too numerous bills to pay including Rent and Student Loan Payments, and an allowance that he’d to give to his parents.

Their current family circumstances would be delicate to pay his academy figure but as he managed to secure alternate place he got a education to manage that.

His condition is that important weak financially that he indeed refuses to buy coffee and thinks about why people Waste their plutocrat Buying Coffee.

It’s the moment when his life gets further worried in which he ca n’t indeed suppose of this small Coffee issue.

The moment he met Na So- Ri his career nearly dissolved

The main character has no love angel because he has been too busy studying recently, but as Nayeon assures him, scholars who study too hard also enjoy their lives.

A awful New World Manhwa knew as( AKA) “ Amazing New World; Brave New World( Yoon Gon- ji); 멋진 신세계 ”. This ongoing webtoon was released on 2019. The story was written by Yoon Gon- ji and illustrations by Hard Work. A awful New World webtoon is about Drama and Romance stories.

The webtoon is going to be fantastic, with numerous ups and campo in Haesong’s life.

About A Wonderful New World english Manhwa

Also Known By Names A awful New World/ Amazing New World; Brave New World( Yoon Gon- ji); 멋진 신세계
kidney Drama, Romance, Slice of life
Author Yoon Gon- Ji
Artists Hard Work
Release Year 2019
Status Ongoing
Chapters 154 in Raw and 154Eng. restated
Standing9.6/ 10 By62.4 k Genius

A Wonderful New World Chapter 154 Recap

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