A Theory on Ranking After the May Core Update, Plus SEO Q&A – Search News Podcast – May 27 2020


In this episode of the Search News You Can Use Podcast, Marie Haynes discusses:

The latest on the May core update
Have search results improved since the May core update? And an interesting theory that could help you rank really well.
**John Mueller is our guest next week!**
New podcast from Google Webmasters
Was there a Google update tool
Are robots.txt directives case sensitive?
Do unlinked brand citations help?
Marie’s thoughts on the SEMRush post on manual actions
SERP autocomplete research tip
How to remove “uploaded by” attribution in SERPS
A possible non-technical reason for pages to drop out of the index
Google can usually work around technical errors
Does linking to your GMB profile improve rankings?
Users can now suggest an edit to mark a business temporarily closed
Did your keywords switch to local intent?
GMB insights not working since May 18
New Structured Data visualizer tool
Q&A: Does the order of H tags matter?
Q&A: Are there benefits to getting links to author pages?

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