12 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast


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Google Adsense can be a tricky beast if you’ve never been approved before. Generally speaking, once you have a website on Google Adsense it’s very easy to get new websites approved. But what about those that have never been approved before? How can they get approval?

In today’s video I’ll give you 12 Tips to help you get approval from Google Adsense.

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High Quality Content That’s Unique is Crucial: If you’ve copy/pasted or spun a bunch of articles, Google is unlikely to approve you. Google only wants good results in their SERP pages. Google publisher policies can be found here:

Create 10-15 Posts: Generally speaking, you want to have somewhere between 10-15k words on your website prior to applying. This will help you get approved because it shows your voice for the website and helps Google understand quality of your content.

Create About and Contact Pages: Having these pages will help someone reviewing your website for Adsense approval know that you’re treating this as a legitimate business. You won’t need to have all your personal information on the about page, but showcasing who you are and giving people a way to contact you or your team helps verify your website’s authenticity.

Create a Privacy Policy Page: This is a common misstep. You absolutely must have a privacy policy page on your website in order to be accepted by Adsense. This link explains everything you need to have in your privacy policy:

Confirm Website Content Isn’t on the Restricted List: Nothing sexual, shocking, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription drugs, unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplement (This trips a lot of people up). Full publisher restrictions here:

Don’t Use Images With Copyright: Never grab images directly off of Google itself. You always want to go to approved websites or pay for your images. This will help you avoid copyright problems and will help you get approved by Google Adsense. Two good places to start, Pixabay.com for free images or Shutterstock.com for paid images.

Know That (Sometimes) Website Age Matters: This isn’t relevant to all countries, but specifically in China and India Google Adsense states that you need to have a website for 6 months prior to applying for approval.
Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Banned: If you started a new website from scratch, it’s unlikely this is a problem. But if you purchased your website from someone, there’s a chance that your website has a ban on it. To check if you have a ban, you can use this resource:

Make The Website Look Decent

Make Sure You’re Over 18 Years Old

Remove Other Ads When Applying: Adsense is typically the best of the best with ad networks, but if they see your website full of ads from other providers, they may not approve your website. Though it is 100% within terms of service to have more than one ad provider, when applying it’ll make your website look cleaner to remove ads when applying.

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